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The Obsessive- Compulsive Spectrum (OCS) Clinic: Welcome

Are you struggling with intrusive thoughts & obsessions, feeling stuck engaging in repetitive thoughts or behaviours, or perhaps wondering if you might have OCD? The Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Clinic (The OCS Clinic) is a private psychology practice located in Fitzroy (Victoria, 3065), launched by compassionate psychologists with a special interest & expertise in addressing the unique treatment needs of different forms of OCD. Our Psychologists offer face to face & online therapy to support individuals in freeing themselves from these conditions, and to improve their quality of life.

Seeking support for the first time can often be a difficult step to take for those suffering in silence with their unwanted thoughts. Individuals we meet with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder are often worried about the content of their intrusive thoughts or obsessions, fearing they might be judged as having "trivial concerns" or told that they do not have OCD (or not "OCD enough"), shamed for self-diagnosis, or that they will face repercussion for being mistaken as "dangerous" (or even worrying this might be true themselves). Rest assured, these concerns are a normal and common experience for individuals suffering with OCD, and you will not be pressured to reveal or do anything you're not comfortable with until you're ready. Our clinicians have experience in the treatment of virtually all presentations of OCD (read more here), offering a supportive space free of judgement, where you can speak freely about your most difficult thoughts, feelings, urges, & impulses without fear of scrutiny or repercussion. We aim to understand the nature of your obsessions by asking you about your experience of them, rather than making snap judgements without your input.


We also understand that sufferers of OCD often present with a wide range of other issues alongside OCD, where our Psychologists also offer psychotherapeutic interventions to address any other conditions you might need help with beyond OCD. You can see our services & FAQ pages for more information. All are welcome to express interest in finding support, with or without OCD, where no referral or prior diagnosis is required. Whether you have a formal diagnosis, or just suspect you might have OCD, have noticed some compulsive traits you would like to manage, or if you're simply looking for clarity or help with a thought or memory you're stuck on, we will be happy to help.

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Photo of OCS Clinic director Caspar Wenn

Author: Caspar Wenn,
The OCS Clinic Director & Principal Psychologist

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