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Getting Here

Public Transport: Tram (#11) traveling along Brunswick Street or by Bus (#200 & #207) traveling along Johnston Street.


Parking information: Parking is ticketed at all times on Brunswick Street, but there are 2-3-hour spots available on Greeves Street, St David’s Street, and the surrounding streets.

If you are arriving by car, please ensure to book adequate parking time, as your appointment may occasionally go slightly over the 50-minutes if there are administrative tasks to complete such as appointment scheduling with your psychologist.

The OCS Clinic (Fitzroy): Directions, Public Transport, and Parking

244 Brunswick Street (Studio 16), Fitzroy, 3065, VIC 

The OCS clinic main psychology practice is located on the 3rd floor of a Victorian heritage building (see illustration above) in Fitzroy (VIC, 3065), where access is by several flights of steep stairs only. The stairway entrance is unfortunately not suitable for those with mobility difficulties.

Accessing the clinic:

– Located near the corner of Brunswick Street and Greeves Street, Fitzroy.
– The entrance to the clinic is via the green security gate
– The front entrance has an intercom, press 16 and the bell for entry, and we will buzz you in. 

– Once inside, walk up the first flight of stairs immediately in front of you, and then turn right to go down the corridor, following the signs to toward studio 16. 

– As soon as you reach the end of the corridor, turn left through the open green door to the left of the archway, and then immediately right, and you will see another flight of stairs to walk up with arrows toward studio 16, where you will find the red door to The OCS Clinic facing you at the top of the stairs.

– If the door to the clinic is locked, please wait at the top of the stairs, as we may still be in the previous appointment or away from the office momentarily, if the door is unlocked feel free to enter the waiting room, where your psychologist will come to get you shortly.

If you have trouble locating the clinic, please feel free to get in touch at

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